The Disney’s Ambassador…

Today’s Mickey Mouse cartoons are not longer what they used to be – and this for many different reasons.

Indeed, since the last theatrical cartoons, the destiny of Mickey Mouse as a “film star” has changed considerably. In fact, the very last appearances of Mickey Mouse as a regular film series came in 1953.

Since then, the Mickey Mouse brand has diversified and been used as a trademark by Disney for merchandizing. Short colour films are still created but they are no longer made for theatres but for TV shows.

Mickey Mouse has become a lot more popular in comics and other modern supports such as video games than in films. The story of Mickey Mouse is however not over, and millions of people visit the many Disney Parks around the world to catch a glimpse of the famous character that was so instrumental in building the Disney brand.

Mickey Mouse movies are available in DVDs and some rare footage regularly appears and put on auction. The rare TV series featuring Disney characters usually have Donald and Daisy Duck along with all their many other friends but it is true that after the 1960’s, Mickey’s onscreen popularity took a tumble.

This said, Mickey Mouse remains to this day one of the most recognised and adored cartoon characters- and with so many changes in the studios, it would not be surprising to see Mickey Mouse make a come back!