Mickey Mouse Cartoons Featuring Minnie Mouse

"Mickey's Choo-Choo" mickey mouse cartoon

Mickey’s Choo-Choo

Released: June 20, 1929

Mickey's Follies mickey mouse cartoon

Mickey’s Follies

Released: June 26, 1929

Plane Crazy Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Plane Crazy

Released: March 17, 1929

Steamboat Willie mickey mouse cartoon

Steamboat Willie

Released: November 18, 1928

"The Barn Dance" Mickey Mouse Cartoon

The Barn Dance

Released: March 14, 1929

The Cactus Kid

Released: May 15, 1930

gallopin gaucho mickey mouse cartoon

The Gallopin’ Gaucho

Released: December 30, 1928

The Karnival Kid mickey mouse cartoon

The Karnival Kid

Released: May 23, 1929

The Opry House mickey mouse cartoon

The Opry House

Released: March 20, 1929

The Plowboy Mickey Mouse Cartoon

The Plowboy

Released: June 28, 1929

When the Cat's Away mickey mouse cartoon

When the Cat’s Away

Released: April 11, 1929

Wild Waves

Released: April 25, 1930